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Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization evolving as a social enterprise. We are committed to advancing arts education for students grades 3+ with curriculum based arts programming. Our programs are culturally responsive and reflective of our diverse city. 

Using art as a means to engage students, these sessions infuse learning in themes of critical thinking and social awareness through a wide range of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, digital arts, performing arts and leadership


Students have the opportunity to dive into screen printing, music production, dance, public speaking, sound design, animation, vocal and more. Culminating performances, projects or activities diversifies the art experience; and encourages students to see themselves as more than artists, but as also as innovators and creative leaders!

Dance Revolt Spring 2020

The 8th annual dance conference for students grades 6-12. Signup to our early birds list to get special rates and early registrations.


Programs and Services

In-Class Programming

Our programs are designed for students grades 3 - 12. We design program to meet individual classroom learning objectives .

SHSM Certifications

We offer certifications in Art & Culture, Business and Non-Profit. Many workshops can be offered at your school.


We offer our annual Dance conference twice a year for students grades 6+. Join our mailing list for dates and special offers.

Summer Arts Academy

Our annual arts academy is offered for students grades 6-9 from July -Aug.

March Break Academy

Our annual March Break arts academy is offered for student grades 6-8. Join our mailing lists for dates and special offers.

PA Day Programming

We offer PA day programming in select regions. Join our mailing list for more info, dates and special offers.

"We're not just artist. We're leaders, innovators - educators!"

founder - Kayode brown

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