Lets Hear From the Students!

Another week at Downsview and its getting crazy. With another week of intense warm ups and full out choreo, time is creeping upon us. With Generation Change around the corner the student have a task of learning the rest of the dance and execute it will when the day comes. With Just BGRAPHIC at Downsview it creates an environment for the students to engage with one another and just have fun.


Here are a few words from the students and their views on their experience so far at JBG:


“Just BGRAPHIC is turn up!! Choreographers are lit!” – Jasmine


“JBG is an amazing program I must say. I’ve learnt so many from this program such as being confident, and how to be a better dancer. It’s turn up!” – Nofisat


“Fun, tun up, best dance routines I’ve ever experienced. Awesome choreo and always positive vibes. Hype and telling all my friends about it.”– Abigail


Todays class has been a success. With making sure that every move is clean this performance will be something you don’t want to miss.


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