Lydia Onagoruwa

My name is Lydia Onagoruwa and I am first generation Canadian Nigerian. Dance has always been a huge part of my life however I always shyed away from my cultural dances due to the fact that it was never cool/accepted to be African while I was growing up. Now that the world is more accepting of Africans, people are interested and want to learn the culture especially through dance. As a result I applied myself in many west African master dance classes and learned how to play the Jembe/dun drums. This allowed me in turn to work alongside side many of my dance teachers and I graduated to teach in 2017.

Now I have the liberty of teaching health and wellness through my dance and culture in various schools within the TDSB and community platforms such as Tiabu community health. Dance is an expression of feeling through the rhythm of music. I would love for everyone to feel the same joy and Freedom I have attained through dance. Come dance with me and let your feelings be free! 

The Collective

Zahra Abena

Through discovery and training, Zahra is skilled in Traditional West African, Afro-Caribbean folklore, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Soca. Zahra is dedicated to disseminating knowledge about the vast beauty and history of

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Nicholas Tull

Dancer- Choreographer- Teacher-Actor-writer Nick has been dancing since age 7, and has remained passionate and inspired from the very beginning. He has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop Modern ,

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Moises ‘Luvs’ Frank

Luvs is a millennial hippie graffiti artist who is easily offended and supports local coffee shops even when he is broke. As much as he loves coffee his greatest passion

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Omar Lunan

Toronto born singer-songwriter, Omar Lunan, show layers of depth and an instantly memorable voice that exhibits surprising range in R&B, traditional reggae and even dancehall. By the time he was a teenager,

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Kayode Brown

Founder Kayode Brown has been the visionary behind Just BGRAPHIC and has guided his team through a decade of growth and development.  Raised in the Jane Finch Community, Kayode’s roots

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