Jenelle Lewis – JBG x Wrappr Collab

Jenelle Lewis the artist behind the first JBG x Wrappr Furoshiki Collab wraps. 

Jenelle was a participant in our inaugural summer camp in 2011. Since our music video we shot with guest appearance from Shawn Desman and Trish Campbell Jenelle has taken her artistic career to new heights.  From the beginning, she always had a skill in visual arts and over the years she has grown into a professional artist with an impressive biography

Trinidadian/Jamaican freelance illustrator who was born and raised in Toronto. Jenelle is inspired by comic illustrators’ ability to capture expressive motion, and energy alongside narrative in a single drawing and emulates that in everything she does.

Her style ranges from bouncy hand drawn typography, to graphic design, but she mainly illustrates expressive comics and portraiture. When Jenelle is not drawing, she’s a songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist.

Click to learn more about JBG Wrappr Collab

Can you spot Jenelle in the video?

Here are some pictures from the archives.

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