Moises ‘Luvs’ Frank

Luvs is a millennial hippie graffiti artist who is easily offended and supports local coffee shops even when he is broke. As much as he loves coffee his greatest passion is for making art and paying his rent on time. He has designed and painted murals across the GTA. 

He has also had the privilege of travelling to paint murals and teach art abroad. Places including, New York, California, Florida, Baltimore, Alberta, Ottawa, Montreal, even different cities across Colombia. He has created artworks for Union Station, TD Bank, NBA, Facebook Canada’s head office and is part of CIBC’s private collection. His greatest accomplishments to him was graduating high school and making his mom proud. Luvs is an emerging-still-tryna-figure-it-out artist who aspires to continue grow in community, as an artist and human.

The Collective

Mel Hart

Melissa Hart is a vibrant, established dance artist from Toronto. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree specializing in Dance from York University, Melissa co-founded SaMel Tanz dance collective with

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Nicholas Tull

Dancer- Choreographer- Teacher-Actor-writer Nick has been dancing since age 7, and has remained passionate and inspired from the very beginning. He has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop Modern ,

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Phillip Saunders

Phillip Saunders is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Ontario. His practice includes oil painting, charcoal and graphite drawings, and street art murals. Phillip’s work uses the human face as

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Joshua Scribe Watkis

A lifetime immersed in the performing arts has made Joshua “Scribe” Watkis entirely devoted to the gift of storytelling. Through Spoken Word Poetry and Hip-Hop, he has taken thousands into

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Lydia Onagoruwa

My name is Lydia Onagoruwa and I am first generation Canadian Nigerian. Dance has always been a huge part of my life however I always shyed away from my cultural

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Gauri Sharma

Hi I am Gauri Sharma, Performer and a Dance Instructor with more than 15 years of experience in Bollywood with Indian classical and folk forms with education in Indian Classical

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