Introduction to Stop Motion Animation

Come step inside the magical world of Stop Motion Animation, where creative expression, imagination and material exploration come to life one photo at a time. This unique medium allows participants of any age to bring their ideas to life through a complete hands-on approach. The goal of this dynamic workshop is not only to learn a new artistic skill, and software but also to inspire and ignite a creative passion in animation that will carry onto the next project.

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Stop Motion World with Cristal Buemi

Welcome to the wonderful world of frame-by-frame animation. I offer a hands-on, mindful art-making exploration of this amazing technique in a creative mixed media style. Through this unique approach to stop motion, participants will not only learn to develop their ideas with collaborative and individual work, but also how to express themselves through various materials while thinking outside the box. I have had the pleasure of leading a plethora of inclusive workshops, camps, courses and seminars both online and in person with various art organizations, universities and schools around the world. It's all about frame-by-frame fun at any age!

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