The Kofi’s Art Experience

90 minute workshop, and half day SHSM

This is an opportunity for young aspiring artist looking to learn and engage with a professional painter in a space outside of school. During this workshop students will be guided by Kofi step by step, to create an original piece of art. Kofi also engages in conversations about leadership through story telling and sharing of ideas.

His paintings are rooted in African Culture and express concepts love and African pride. The Kofi Experience is an enriched moment for students to build confidence, develop skills, ask questions and learn as a collective.

Kofi’s Art

My name is Kofi Frempong [@kofis_art]. I am a Ghanaian born, Toronto raised visual artist, who has a passion for creating safe spaces that are conducive to love, learning, laughter and endless possibilities. I am known for my use of vibrant acrylic colors, which often highlight and pay tribute to the beauty that adorns the people of the African diaspora.

I believe that art is a conduit of love and healing, and through the process of creating, we heal ourselves and others. It is my hope that you experience all the love that is poured into each piece of art. And as you follow my journey, you feel seen, heard, and welcomed into a world where you are celebrated and loved. 

Some of my most notable professional highlights include:

  • Being selected as the @cbcartsCanadian artist of the month. In which I licensed my Safi piece for the creation of the logo for the month.
  • Having my work exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario (@ago )
  • A feature in the mini documentary series, ‘The Black Man:Profiled’ which aired on @owntv and @discoveryplus.
  • Connecting my passion for teaching/mentorship with art by joining  @vibeartsto artist roster and mentorship team. 
  • Becoming a brand embassador for @thehustleneverdies family.

However, if you ask me what my biggest accomplishment as an artist has been, I will say that it is being able to work with my wife in inspiring our two daughters to develop a genuine love for art.

That’s a little about me. Modesty aside, please introduce yourself and tell us something about you that you are proud of in the comment section. 

Photo by: @brionewishart


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