We All Have our Ups and Downs

Through out the past few classes here at Downsview School we are seeing the dance come together. With performances coming up it has become clear to the students how important this is to them and to Just BGRAPHIC. Larinee has taken her time in making sure that each student understood the moves that were being created. To see this all come together is amazing. The focus for this day was blocking and putting the students into their spots. Working on levels and big movements is very important when it comes to performing. It allows the audience to see each moves and have a clear view of the students as well. It also helps in telling the story the the choreographer had in mind.

Even though we were few in numbers we were still able to positions the student and still have them engaged for the time that they are here.

Having this after school program has given the students an environment in which they are learning and enjoying each others company.

I am glad to see the students come in with smiles on their faces ready to learn the dance.

They come hungry and ready for more


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