We got 99 Problems

Who are you?

Do you know how important you are to the community?

What are stereotypes and do you fall under them?

These were some of the topics and questions that came up in the 99 Problems workshop. Facilitated by Kayode Brown, the students got an opportunity to sit down and have an intimate discussion about what they go through on a daily basis. Focusing on healthy relationships and self identity many of the students shared a common concern. COMMUNICATION. It is important as a young person growing up in the community to have those healthy relationships at home and at school. We were able to get down to the root and really focus on why as a young person in the community problems occur very often.

Most students voiced their opinion and have mentioned that they often face problems where communication is very minimal between their peers. There are times where arguments and friendships fall apart because of little to no communication. We have talked about why do they think that is. Many have said it’s because one person is afraid to confront the other alone and rather bring other people into the situation which then makes it more difficult to solve the problem.

Another factor is their character.

The question was ask who are you and do you think you are living a stereotype. Majority of the students raised their hands. Well why? Living in a well know community and being a student many will have this perception of who you are and what they think you should be like. Young, black, most likely to fail, or will never get far in life. These are common sayings that the students hear on an ongoing basis.

Kayode had the opportunity to share his story to the students and encourage them. He let them know that you can get somewhere with a lot of dedication and hard work. We do not have to live up to the typical stereotype that people say but go beyond that. How do you carry yourself at school? On the road? At home? Are you giving the people the opportunity to judge you and give you that title that is not you.

The students shared their goals and what they wanted to achieve once they finish school. Many are interested in the arts and this is why Just BGRAPHIC is here.

We got the chance to tell them about the many resources that are available to them in the community to help them reach their goals. To see the excitement and spark in their eyes shows that they are willing to make a change and be themselves through it all.

Overall this work shop was very beneficial to the students. It give them a better understanding of self and healthy relationships, as well as the opportunity to know more about what is available to them in their community.



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