West African drumming with Zahra

West African drumming with Zahra


  1. Subject(s): West African drumming
  2. Grade/Level: Suitable primary, junior, intermediate and senior grades
  3. Objective: Learning West African drum rhythms
  4. Time Allotment: Adjustable

Implementation & Learning Context
Facilitators will bring several West African percussive instruments for the students to learn its
material components, history, cultural context and the rhythmic patterns. They will also have a
lesson on how to play each instrument. 5 Instruments are included in these workshops.

Students will learn rhythmic patterns with their hands and apply the same patterns with
each instrument.


  • Learn a Traditional West African rhythm
  • Understand polyrhythmic patterns
  • Train their ear to listen to hear diverse rhythmic patterns played by other instruments
  • while keeping the tempo of their own instrument.
  • Because of the extra work of transporting the instruments, there needs to be a minimum of 4
  • classes or one 60 minute session.



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