York University needs to move beyond superficial measures to address racism in the arts

York University needs to move beyond superficial measures to address racism in the arts

We, the students, are calling for everyone to join us in taking concrete steps to eliminate white supremacy from academia and the dance world. We recognize that decolonizing academia and unsettling our pedagogies will take time and effort, but we must prioritize this work moving forward. To help make this a reality, we are asking all people to sign a petition calling for meaningful action on these issues.

We must be proactive in addressing racism, white supremacy, and other forms of oppression in higher education and the dance world. This requires commitment to making changes through policies, pedagogy, curriculum, practices and procedures that reflect the lived experiences of BIPOC individuals. The petition seeks to ensure that all universities commit to implementing initiatives such as: increasing recruitment and hiring of diverse faculty; dedicating courses revolving around topics related to race; creating comfortable learning environments where BIPOC students can feel safe; developing culturally competent approaches within curriculums; providing resources for research explorations by BIPOC students; supporting anti-racist activities on campus with adequate funding.

Moreover, the petition is also calling for universities to invest in creating long-term supportive networks for BIPOC students that extend beyond their academic studies. This includes access to mental health services and support systems that empower their career paths after they graduate. Additionally, we are encouraging universities to offer up scholarships especially tailored towards helping BIPOC students reach their academic goals without financial burden.

By signing this petition you are making a commitment to dismantling oppressive structures in higher education and the dance world so that everyone has equal access to resources regardless of race or background. We urge you to use your voice by adding your name on our list of signatures so together we can continue building an equitable future for everyone!



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