Revolutionizing Arts Education

JBG Masterclass

Monthly in-person educational workshop for high school students. Featuring a creative who’s history and practice is a contribution to decolonizing arts.

Our Objective

For over 13 years we have curated some of the most engaging educational experiences across of variety of subjects.

Our aim is to create a space where students can learn through storytelling and sharing of knowledge and experiences that foster learning. We believe that connected-learning happens in spaces outside of the school. taught by people of the community. 

The JBG Master Class is a monthly, 180-minute in-person workshop at A Different Booklist Located at  779 Bathurst St, Toronto.  The experience is a  blend of TED Talk and Tiny Desk vibes. It offers high school students a journey to uncover your successes and understand the intricacies of your career path. While making connections to the curriculum and the real world.

The Experience

A Different Booklist is located in the historical Blackhurst community.  They are a pilar in Canadian Black  history and the perfect location to create this MasterClass experience. 

We envision transforming the space design to allow for conversation, hands-on workshops and live performances. Imagine the fusion of a TED Talk and a Tiny Desk, taking the best of the enriched knowledge sharing conversations with the impact of a private small performance. 


Get Involved
  • Dates: Once a month Feb-Jun 2024
  • Time: 12:00-3:00p
  • Capacity: 40 in-person. unlimtied Online
  • Cost: $45/student in-person

News and Updates

Witnessing the profound connection between Carey and the students during our session was truly impactful. It underscores the significance of representation, and engaging with professionals who share their cultural background. This experience was undeniably transformative.
Ana Mederios
Westview CSS - Arts Head Teacher