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MasterClass with a Canadian Black Artists

Engage in a vibrant and interactive 75-minute conversation between high school students and a seasoned Black art expert. This tailored experience is designed for students seeking insights from a seasoned artistic professional with over eight years of expertise in their field.

Carey Riley @ Westview CSS

Master Class Special Guest

Carey Riley

To make any kind of change, one has to have the will and determination to do it – Carey Riley is undoubtedly that person who possesses the passion to achieve greatness. Born and raised in Toronto, Carey was surrounded by music at a very young age; her father was a lead singer in a band that played various shows across the city and toured internationally. Constantly surrounded by musicians and records, it almost seemed destined for her to have a career in the music industry.

Witnessing the profound connection between Carey and the students during our session was truly impactful. It underscores the significance of representation, and engaging with professionals who share their cultural background. This experience was undeniably transformative.
Ana Mederios
Westview CSS - Arts Head Teacher
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