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The Kofi’s Art Experience

My name is Kofi Frempong [@kofis_art]. I am a Ghanaian born, Toronto raised visual artist, who has a passion for creating safe spaces that are conducive to love, learning, laughter and endless possibilities. I am known for my use of vibrant acrylic colors, which often highlight and pay tribute to the beauty that adorns the people of the African diaspora.


Jenelle Lewis – JBG x Wrappr Collab

Jenelle Lewis the artist behind the first JBG x Wrappr Furoshiki Collab wraps. 

Jenelle was a participant in our inaugural summer camp in 2002. Since our music video we shot with guest appearance from Shawn Desman and Trish Campbell Jenelle has taken her artistic career to new heights.


Do Dat Entertainment – Toronto’s First Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency

Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto’s unique style of hip hop dance despite persistent anti-Black racism within Toronto’s arts and culture sector during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Do Dat became the nation’s premiere Black owned and operated dance agency creating movement and providing dancers, artist-development for artists of all genres. in March 2023 we are going to celebrate their legacy

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What Makes Do Dat So Special?

What made Do Dat truly unique was they were not a breakdance crew, their style of choreography, and the amount of male dancers that were active members of the crew.

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Breakdance is Not Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance is a term that is used very ambiguously when trying to describe dances done to hip hop music. Imagery of break dancers, or breakdance poses are used to advertise hip hop dance, or hip hop culture. This is problematic because the distinction between the two forms of dance is accompanied with conflicting ideologies of hip hop cultural authenticity.

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Art On My Mind 2022: Call for Artist

Art Gallery of York University & Black Creek Community Farm are still looking for participants for Art on My Mind 2022. Please help spread the word to aspiring hip hop, R& B and visual artists! Learn and receive mentorship from some of the most accomplished artists in the city!

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Downsview SS Virtual Art Showcase

Downsview S.S. presents a showcase of talent across all arts disciplines in our Virtual Arts Showcase 2022. Many of the students created and staged their own work which is represented through dance, drama, music, visual art and photography.

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Play on the runway at Downsview Park

For nearly 100 years, planes have taken flight on this stretch of land. Now it’s your turn! We’re opening the Downsview runway for an afternoon of free play in celebration of North York’s 100th birthday. Bring your kids, bikes, dogs, balls, skateboards, rollerblades, and sense of wonder.

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Link Up

Link up is a new engagement project where we speak with YOU! Members of our community instructors, friends and partners about YOU! We want to

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Fresh Arts For The Summer

This summer bring in some fresh arts programming into your summer camp, school or group events. Our growing team of art instructors provide a wide selection of arts programming for people ages 13+.

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Mel Hart releases 4 new classes

For those who have never met @melhart1 she is an absolute joy to work with and her talents are UNREAL!! Mel is a trained Classical, Urban and Latin dancer and received a BFA Degree in Dance, with Honors, from York University. When we say she is VERSATILE , we mean it

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