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Every word you sang came from a place of knowing what it means to be othered in a country that promises inclusion. Using your gift to advocate for Justice is what true leaders do. Your voice is powerful. Thank you Jully, we stand with you. ❣️

No Hip Hop Dance Classes or Courses at York University?…hm

York University’s faculty of Arts Media Performance and Dance has publicly committed to “implementation of significant and sustainable inclusive practices and an equity framework to promote equal access and recognition

Do Dat Entertainment – Toronto’s First Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency

Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto’s unique style of hip hop dance despite persistent anti-Black racism within Toronto’s arts and culture sector during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Do Dat became the nation’s premiere Black owned and operated dance agency creating movement and providing dancers, artist-development for artists of all genres. in March 2023 we are going to celebrate their legacy

Social Media

Social media has played a major role in society but not necessarily a positive one. I believe that social media should be banned for various reasons such as mental health/self-image,

Marguerite Annie Johnson

Maya Angelou or originally known as Marguerite Annie Johnson was dancer, singer, social rights activist and most importantly a world-famous African American poet who had a very unique style of

The Porters: Canadian Black History

The great depression had a differential impact on various ethnic groups throughout Canada. Factors such as ethnicity and religion played a major role in how different people survived the turmoil

Can the science of epigenetics offer a promising resource to marginalized communities?

Epigenetic isn’t going to eradicate racism, it’s primary contribution is the scientific interpretation of intersectionality and it’s function is to discredit the racists idea of genetic differences amongst humans.

Why us, why now? – Race, Health and Hip Hop.

Conceptualize health through the lens of Hip Hop culture using frameworks of intersectionality and structural competency.

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Latest Programs

Afrobeats with Edz Gymafi

Join professional dancer Edz Gymafi for an electrifying dance workshop that celebrates the vibrant music and dance of Africa. From the infectious beats of Afrobeats to the dynamic movements of

Dancehall with Edz

“Get ready to move to the beat with Dancehall with Edz! This immersive dance workshop explores the history and culture of Dancehall music and dance, from its roots in Jamaica in the 1980s to its global influence today. Led by professional dancer Edz, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques and moves of Dancehall dance, and get a chance to express yourself through group performances and freestyle dance circles. Join us and discover the rhythm and energy of Dancehall for yourself!

The Five Elements of dance with Zahra

Summary Subject(s): 5 elements of dance using African based movements Grade/Level: Suitable primary, junior, intermediate and senior grades Objective: Using the 5 elements of dance ( body, action, space, time

West African drumming with Zahra

Summary Subject(s): West African drumming Grade/Level: Suitable primary, junior, intermediate and senior grades Objective: Learning West African drum rhythms Time Allotment: Adjustable Implementation & Learning ContextFacilitators will bring several West

Bollywood Beginner & Intermediate with Gauri

Bollywood Dance is the name given to the dance form used in Indian (Hindi) films. It was originated from Indian Cinema. Bollywood dances were merged and fused with other dance

Bhangra Beginner & Intermediate with Gauri

Bhangra is one of the popular Punjabi folk dance form. Bhangra take place mainly in the Punjabi culture.Bhangra referred both to formal male performances and to communal dancing among men

Fresh Flash – Intro to Hip Hop Dance SHSM with Mel

Grades: High SchoolDuration: 180 minutes Introducing the revolutionary Fresh Flash – Intro to Hip Hop Dance SHSM! Shaking up learning in the classroom, this unforgettable certification brings Hip Hop dance

Stop Motion Animation SHSM with Cristal

Grades: High School Duration: 180 minutes Come step inside the magical world of Stop Motion Animation, where creative  expression, imagination and material exploration come to life one photo at a

Traditional West African dance with Zahra

Grades: Intermediate and High School Duration: 60-120 minutes Traditional West African dance is a rich and expressive style steeped in history and culture. It is a joyous celebration of life

AfroFusion Dance Workshop with Zahra

Grades: Intermediate and High School Duration: 60-120 minutes Experience the dynamic and exhilarating dance style of Afrofusion, an exciting blend of popular African music from West Africa and the diaspora.

Soca Dance Workshop- Zahra

Grades: Intermediate and High School Duration: 60-120 minutes Get ready to move your body to the beat of the Caribbean with the Soca Dance Workshop! This energetic dance genre originated

Charcoal Portrait Study Pt. 1 – with Phil

Grades: Intermediate and High School Duration: 75-180 minutes Ready to paint a portrait? Charcoal Portrait Study Pt. 1, hosted by artist Phillip, can help you do just that! This 75-minute


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