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committed to providing communities with enriched arts programming.

Diverse, original and passionate, Just BGRAPHIC is a modern movement of progressive artists united with experienced educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education in Canadian schools.

Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization and over the course of a decade has evolved into a social enterprise. Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to opportunities and supported with the right resources can ​develop the resilience and confidence to achieve academic success. Ultimately, Just BGRAPHIC helps talented young artists take a fair shot at catching their dreams in an academic environment.

As educators we bear the responsibility of teaching and providing our students with a foundation of knowledge and experiences that will shape their future. As such, progression is key; progressive pedagogies are vital in the evolution of education. This belief informs our curriculum development. We intentionally disrupt conventional educational pedagogies by engaging critical pedagogies, and highlighting and substantiating non-European academia​ in art and literature.

Our slogan, “Be You. BGRAPHIC”, echoes the voices of aspiring artists on a quest to live authentically into their creative destiny. It fuels the commitment of our team to build safe, accessible, non-hobbyist programs for students to explore the nooks of their creative identity; and it gives licence to our trained facilitators to turn the taste of raw talent into an ambitious appetite for knowledge.


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