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"We're not just artist. We're leaders, innovators- Educators."

- Kayode Brown

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Revolutionizing Arts Education

Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization evolving as a social enterprise. Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to opportunity and supported with the right resources can develop the resilience and confidence that will fuel their academic success.

Using art as a means to engage students, we are able to infuse themes of social awareness, critical thinking, mental health, anti-bullying etc Into each workshop. Workshops are offered in 40 or 75 min blocks and can be combined to create a unique learning journey for your students


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Join our network of educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education.

They bring the best choreographers in the city to work with our students. Super cultural!!
Lia Murphy

" We're not just artist. We're leaders, innovators - educators. "

When reminiscing with a colleague about the impact that Just BGRAPHIC has had on the Arts Department and our students, it was very clear to us that they have been an essential partnership in our growth.
Ana Medeiros
I witnessed great improvement from my students throughout their Just BGraphic sessions and based on their feedback, I know that they sound this experience to be very instrumental in improving their dance training.
Tanis Essenger-Chung

" Their curriculum based programming is built on principals of equity and diversity. Valuable partner in education!"

Kayode Brown and the Just BGRAPHIC team have the operate with the utmost professionalism. They take pride in the preparation and delivery of their inspiring, relevant material and curriculum for our students. Kayode Brown has been an invaluable asset to our school and community.
Kelly Leizure

we are commented to advancing arts education


Diverse, original and passionate.

Just BGRAPHIC is a modern movement of progressive artist united with experienced educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education in Canadian schools. We work with heart! Our slogan, “Be You. BGRAPHIC”, echoes the voices of aspiring artist on a quest to live authentically into their creative destiny. It fuels the commitment of our team to build safe, accessible, non-hobbyist programs for youth to explore the nooks of their creative identity; and it gives licence to our trained facilitators to turn the taste of raw talent into an ambitious appetite for young artist.

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