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Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization evolving as a social enterprise. Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to opportunity and supported with the right resources can develop the resilience and confidence that will fuel their academic success.


Using art as a means to engage students, we are able to infuse themes of social awareness, critical thinking, mental health, anti-bullying etc Into each workshop. Workshops are offered in 40 or 75 min blocks and can be combined to create a unique learning journey for your students

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Premiere after school program at Westview CSS.

Full year after school program and symposium for both parents and students.

Community showcase for students inner after school and summer programs

Premiere March break camp

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Special Artistic

Just BGRAPHIC has been a key element in this success. “They bring us big names we would never otherwise have access to”. This said with such great enthusiasm by the dance teacher was echoed by many.

Ana Medieros - Westviewview CSS Art Department Head

We got it. All of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I book a workshop?

Booking easy and free!  Simply choose a program, select a date and hit confirm!  Within 24 hours you will get a response from someone on our team  with next steps. Your workshop is confirmed once you provide us with a purchase order number.

How much are the SHSM upgrades?

We offer certifications in Arts and Culture, ITC and Business SHSM certifications as an upgrade to any of our programs or conferences.  SHSM upgrades are charged per student and can range from 25-50

Do you offer consultations?

All consultations are 100% free!  We encourage in person consultations when booking workshops. Each program is taylored to the specific needs of the students. 

Do you offer discounts ?

Discounts can be offered on a school by school basis. We pride ourselves on providing schools with valuable workshops at honest respectful prices.  

How are payments made ?

Once the estimate is approved, we provide you with an invoice and require a purchase order number, Purchase order numbers are automatically generated when the invoice is processed through the SAP system. To avoid delays please ensure that the invoice is processed with the correct ‘Goods received date’ as indicated on the invoice

Can I cancel or change dates ?

We offer free cancellations in instances of strike or labour disputes. Otherwise, you can change your workshop date within 5 school days of your scheduled date. .  Otherwise, a late cancelation / change date fee will be charged.

Are you insured?

Yes we are. As part of our partnership agreement with our various school board partners we are required to have insurance.  We can provide our insurance certificate upon request.

Are your instructors OCT licences ?

Some of our faculty are OCT licences.  All of our instructors have their vulnerable sector checks, , anti-oppressive training and safe and inclusive space training.

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