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Educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education

Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization evolving as a social enterprise. Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to a culturally responsive curriculum that employs progressive pedagogies are more likely to succeed academically. 

Diverse, original and passionate, Just BGRAPHIC is a modern movement of progressive artist united with experienced educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education in Canadian schools. We create programs that  align with the Ministry of Education guidelines for students in middle and high school, including  Specialist High School Major (SHSM). We provide students and schools with experiential learning and career exploration activities that include conferences, symposiums, job fairs and tours of various professional art spaces. 

Just BGRAPHIC has undergone a drastic transformation, realigning our educational programs to reflect our mission statement; ‘Revolutionize Arts Education’.  If you are reading this post, we hope that we share the passion for progressive education that challenges the ideals of a eurocentric based educational system. We believe this is a great opportunity for us to work together and promote our collective expertise as progressive educators to combat racism through education.

 We work with heart! Our slogan, “Be You. BGRAPHIC”, echoes the voices of aspiring artists on a quest to live authentically into their creative destiny. It fuels the commitment of our team to build safe, accessible, non-hobbyist programs for students to explore the nooks of their creative identity; and it gives licence to our trained instructors and educators to turn the taste of raw talent into an ambitious appetite for young artist. 

Founder, Kayode Brown identified a need for a creative space where students could be provided with more opportunities to pursue the arts in a non-hobbyist format that is directly aligned with the school curriculum. As this model grows, Kayode envisions offering teachers trainings, additional qualifications courses and workshops that build and promote anti-oppressive, anti-black racism, leadership and teaching skills. Currently studying at York University towards his masters in education  Kayode has plans to work with the Ministry of Education developing curricula that are purposely inclusive and representative of our diverse society.

As an education organization, we believe that there is an obligation to constantly push the boundaries of education; forever  keeping up with the ever changing landscape called life. He hopes that his programs and experiences help to carry the progressive torch forward.

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