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The MELANIN Project

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Celebrate The Skin You're In

Students participate in hands-on workshops designed to help them explore and express their individual identities. Through artistic activities intertwined with literacy, unpacking their personal, social and Ethnic identity, identifying attributes that resonated with each.

At the end of the workshop series students get to press their own unique shirts, that reflect how they see themselves, and the world.

Homage to canadian black art art history

A remarkable collaboration aimed at crafting an array of curated graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. These creations pay homage to the profound legacy of Black artists in Toronto, encapsulating their invaluable contributions. As we launch with Do Dat, envision other collaborations with luminaries like The Dream Warriors, Jae Blaze, Tanisha Scott, and others.

Embrace the legacy. Be part of our journey to empower and support Black Canadian artists. Your choice isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a step towards advancing programs that uplift and nurture emerging talents.

MasterClass with a Canadian Black Artists

Engage in a vibrant and interactive 75-minute conversation between high school students and a seasoned Black art expert. This tailored experience is designed for students seeking insights from a seasoned artistic professional with over eight years of expertise in their field.