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Celebrating Canadian Black History Through the Arts

Are you a current York Student who is passionate about art, history, and making a difference?

If so, we invite you to be a part of BGRAPHIC, a vibrant community that is dedicated to promoting Canadian Black history through the arts.

Club Activities


Club Events

  • Movie Nights
  • MasterClasses
  • Games Night
  • Showcases
  • Community Nights

Celebrate Diversity:
Explore the richness of being of hyphenated Canadian descent, celebrating the contributions of Caribbean, South American, African, Indigenous American, and other colonized nations’ heritage.

Unite Art and History:
Bridge the gap between art and history as we showcase the powerful intersection of creativity and cultural understanding.

Connect and Network:
Join a supportive community of fellow students who share your passion for art, history, and promoting inclusivity.

Shape the Future:
Make your mark on campus and in the Jane Finch community by contributing to events, initiatives, and discussions that matter.

Our club is open to everyone who shares a passion for art and culture. We are a community of educators, artists, historians, and anyone interested in celebrating the rich tapestry of Canadian Black creativity

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We are currently recruiting members to establish the student club and shape its future. We need your unique perspective, ideas, and energy to create a meaningful impact. To join, simply provide us with your name and email address to register for the club.