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The graphic design and digital media program is specifically designed for high school students, it teaches a variety of theories, techniques and workflow. This program bridges math, graphic design and digital media production into a seamless learning journey. Students will leave this program feeling more confident, knowledgeable andequipped for post secondary education.

What to expect
The graphic design program is designed for students who are interested in applying their creativity to communicating ideas and concepts in both print and digital media. Students will learn and develop the expertise required to become effective graphic designers through strong practical and theoretical lessons in typography, design, image, form, colour, and production skills.

Design Courses
This program includes extensive hands-on training in current software tools, allowing students to present their design solutions in a variety of formats. Students will alsohave the opportunity to focus their efforts on larger projects in a classroom agency-like setting, as well as participate in a variety of field trips. Overall, they will learn the basic fundamentals of creativity and designing for the print and interactive media industry.

Program Requirements

  • Students Grade 9 and up
  • A computer lab (preferably a Mac environment)
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 or newer with at least these software:
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign

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