Creating Safe Spaces After School

Creating Safe Spaces After School

After school is a time when kids can let loose and be themselves. But for many young people, it’s also a time when they don’t feel safe. That’s why organizations like ours offer after-school programs that create safe spaces for students to express themselves and learn about their culture. By providing these programs, we hope to give every child the opportunity to thrive. Thanks for supporting us!

  1. Why after school programming is important
  2. What kind of programming we offer
  3. How our programming creates safe spaces for black youth

1. Why after school programming is important

After school programming is incredibly important, especially for most vulnerable hours of 3-5pm. Not only does such programming improve academic performance and encourage leadership skills, but it also helps foster personal wellness during this crucial period of time for young people. Furthermore, after school programming helps to build supportive networks which fight against bullying and create a safer and more connected environment in schools which help with the cohesion of the wider community.

2. What kind of programming we offer

Our after school programming is designed to inspire young minds and expand their horizons! Our Visual Arts, Dance, and Performing Arts programs are enriched with Canadian Black art culture and history, instructed by some of the most seasoned pioneers in the industry. Students will not only be exposed to creative activity, but will also gain valuable practical skills such as leadership roles. By attending our speciality courses, we guarantee an entertaining and educational experience for everyone involved!

3. How our programming creates safe spaces for black youth

Our programming offers culturally relevant activities that create safe spaces for Black youth. Led by a diverse team of instructors, who bring over 10 years experience creating Toronto’s Black art culture and history, our after school drop-in arts programming gives children an opportunity to explore their identities through artistic expression and learn about art forms native to the city. We strive to provide young Black artists with the tools and resources necessary to foster creativity and growth in a culturally affirming environment, ensuring children can express themselves in meaningful ways.

Structure of program

We provide an innovative 4-week program for schools and organizations which encourages creative growth! Each block includes four engaging lessons, with up to forty participants receiving individual instructor support. For the ultimate art adventure, multiple streams can run concurrently – one great way to add some excitement into after school!

Each program session includes:

  • 30 minutes of dialogue and discussion related to the theme of the workshop
  • 90 minutes of instructed art programming.


A Just BGRAPHIC program manager is assigned to the site ensuring the delivery of the program as planned. The supervisor will liaison with the school or organizations the needs of the program.

Workshop options: 

Visual ArtsDancePerforming ArtsLeadership 
Subjects Mural Painting
Charcoal Study 
Drawing fundamentals
Sketch Drawing Storyboarding
Comic Design 
Fashion Design
Hip Hop
Traditional African Dance
Latin Dance
Step Dance 
Spoken Word
*Song Writing
African Drumming
Steel Pan
Building Agency
Black Excellence
Healthy Relationships
Art & Business



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