Transforming Education: Empowering Students through PC Building

Transforming Education: Empowering Students through PC Building

With each student going home with their own custom PC build. Just BGRAPHIC, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Canada Computers, Red Bull Gaming Hub, and AMD joined forces to empower 12 high school students in a groundbreaking PC building workshop at TMU’s Red Bull Gaming Hub.

Led by Kris Alexander, director of the Red Bull Gaming Hub, Geoffrey Lachapelle, manager of the lab, Kayode Brown, executive director of Just BGRAPHIC, and Bernard Mafei, program developer with Just BGRAPHIC, this transformative workshop seamlessly integrated classroom learning with real-life skills. Participants were meticulously selected in collaboration with our partnered high schools (TDSB & TCDSB), assessing their talent and aptitude in STEAM programs to foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Under Alexander’s guidance, students embarked on a journey to build PCs tailored to client specifications. Little did they know, the “clients” they were building for were themselves! The surprise reveal at the end left them in awe, with disbelief turning into sheer excitement as they realized they would be taking their computers home.

For Alexander, who built his first computer at 14, this workshop was a dream come true. He understands firsthand the transformative power of technological fluency and the ability to provide for loved ones. Now, he’s passing on these essential skills to the next generation of innovators.

Dr. Kris Alexander

This workshop wasn’t just about assembling hardware; it was about activating real-life skills and empowering students for the future. From creativity to practical learnings, each moment was designed to spark curiosity and expression.

But what truly set this workshop apart was the surprise we had in store. As the days unfolded, we hinted at something special brewing beneath the surface. And on the workshop’s final day, the revelation came: each student would take home the gaming computer they had painstakingly assembled, a gift from us to them.

The sheer delight and wonder on the students’ faces made this project an unforgettable experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Canada Computers and AMD for their invaluable support, and to Dr. Kris Alexander for his unwavering dedication to shaping the future of tech education.

To Ana Medieros, Rosalie Griffith, Lia D’Andrea, Lavinia Butuza, Saraya Elwin, Antonio Bisceglia, Tanya Dunn, Ida Lipreti, Joe Gold, and every student who participated, your enthusiasm and curiosity inspire us all. Together, we’ve sown the seeds of innovation and empowerment, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.



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