Dance Revolt 2023 Recap & Curriculum Connection

Dance Revolt 2023 Recap & Curriculum Connection

Dance Revolt 2023! Gratitude to 10 schools and 225 students who made it unforgettable. Instructors, including Mark Samuels, Tabby Rockstar, and Tatiana Parker, seamlessly intertwined the event with Ontario's Dance Curriculum. Explore our recap to delve into the dance journey—artistic expression, technical finesse, identity exploration, community bonds, and the pulse of Dance REVOLT!

The echoes of laughter, beats, and sheer joy are still reverberating from Dance Revolt on Nov 15. It was a celebration of movement, unity, and self-expression that transcended the dance floor. Today, we’re excited to bring you the highlights and heartfelt moments from this unforgettable event.

Schools in the Spotlight

First and foremost, we extend our deepest gratitude to the 10 schools that brought a whopping 225 students to join us in this rhythmic celebration. Your energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the art of dance were truly the heartbeats of the event.

  • Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton C.S.S
  • James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School
  • Newtonbrook SS
  • North Albion C.I
  • Northview Heights SS
  • Northern SS
  • St. Basil-The-Great College School
  • St. John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School
  • St. Luke Catholic Learning Centre
  • Westview CSS

Our exceptional instructors crafted an experience that went beyond dance steps. Mark Samuels, a seasoned maestro, immersed students in the nuances of commercial hip-hop, proving that dance is a universal language that transcends skill levels.

Tabby Rockstar took the dance floor by storm, creating a moment so magical that a student’s spontaneous burst of joy had everyone joining in, a memory etched in the annals of Dance Revolt history.

Tatiana Parker, with the grace of a choreographic sorceress, provided a safe space for students to connect, explore, and celebrate dance as a form of self-expression. Her infectious positive energy made every move a testament to the beauty of individuality.

Special Guest Performance

A colossal shoutout to “The Clique” for gracing our stage and shutting it down with an AMAZING performance! Their fire medley of hip-hop and dancehall left everyone in awe, setting the perfect tone for an evening of unforgettable moments.

Connecting and Bonding

Witnessing students from different schools form connections on the dance floor was a true spectacle. The chemistry and positive energy were palpable, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of Dance Revolt.

Exploring Identity Through Dance

Our AMAZING choreographers crafted moments that went beyond the dance steps. Students delved into the choreography, using the safe space provided to explore their own identities through movement. Regardless of skill level or experience, Dance Revolt embraced everyone.

Dance Marathon Success

The dedication and enthusiasm of the students were truly remarkable. Dancing for almost 5 hours straight with only a 40-minute break, their smiles and positive attitudes at the event’s conclusion were clear signs of the resounding success of Dance Revolt 2023.

As we release the recap video capturing these moments, let’s relive the magic of Dance Revolt 2023 together. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey, and here’s to many more years of dance, unity, and self-expression!

Here are the top 5 connections between the Dance Revolt Conference 2023 and the Ontario Dance Curriculum strands:

  1. Artistic Expression and Communication (Strand A1):
    • The event served as a dynamic platform for students to dive into the creative process, expressing emotions, ideas, and personal narratives through the art of dance. Each movement became a brushstroke on the canvas of artistic expression.
  2. Technique and Skill Development (Strand B1):
    • Led by seasoned instructors like Mark Samuels, the workshops honed students’ dance techniques and skills across various styles. This emphasis on technical proficiency aligned seamlessly with the goals outlined in Strand B1.
  3. Exploration of Identity Through Dance (Strand A2 and C2):
    • Tatiana Parker’s segment provided a unique space for students to explore their individual and cultural identities through movement, offering a powerful connection to both Strand A2 and C2 of the curriculum. It celebrated dance as a form of self-discovery and expression.
  4. Community Engagement (Strand B3):
    • The event fostered a vibrant sense of community, bringing students from diverse schools together. Collaborative moments, such as dance circles, showcased the power of teamwork and ensemble work, forming a strong connection with the collaborative aspects emphasized in Strand B3.
  5. Endurance and Physical Well-being (Strand B1 and D1):
    • The dance marathon component of the conference went beyond dance as a creative expression; it emphasized physical endurance and well-being. Students danced for almost 5 hours straight, showcasing dedication to their art and connecting with both Strand B1 and D1 of the curriculum.

These top connections highlight how the Dance Revolt Conference 2023 not only celebrated the joy of dance but also directly addressed key aspects of the Ontario Dance Curriculum, providing students with a comprehensive and enriching dance education experience.



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