BGRAPHIC Student Club : York University

BGRAPHIC Student Club : York University

Are you passionate about art, history, and making a difference? If so, we invite you to be a part of BGRAPHIC, a vibrant community that is dedicated to promoting Canadian Black history through the arts.


  • Celebrate Diversity: Explore the richness of being of hyphenated Canadian descent, celebrating the contributions of Caribbean, South American, African, Indigenous American, and other colonized nations’ heritage.
  • Unite Art and History: Bridge the gap between art and history as we showcase the powerful intersection of creativity and cultural understanding.
  • Connect and Network: Join a supportive community of fellow students who share your passion for art, history, and promoting inclusivity.
  • Shape the Future: Make your mark on campus and in the Jane Finch community by contributing to events, initiatives, and discussions that matter.

How Can You Get Involved? BGRAPHIC is currently recruiting members to establish the student club and shape its future. We need your unique perspective, ideas, and energy to create a meaningful impact. To join, simply provide us with your name and email address to register for the club.

Ready to Make History? Register Now! To become a founding member of BGRAPHIC and help shape our exciting journey, complete the form and together, we can amplify Canadian Black history and promote artistic expression on campus.

Let’s create an inclusive space where art and history thrive, and where your voice matters. Join BGRAPHIC today and be a part of something inspiring!

Stay connected: Follow us on instagram @bgraphicYU for updates and announcements.

BGRAPHIC York University Student Club – Celebrating Canadian Black History Through the Arts

BGRAPHIC is a dynamic platform committed to promoting Canadian Black history through the arts. Rooted in the belief that art can be a powerful tool for education and cultural expression, BGRAPHIC aims to foster an environment that celebrates the uniqueness of being of hyphenated Canadian descent. Through engaging conferences, enriching social events, and impactful mentorship programs, BGRAPHIC aspires to create connections that bridge art and history within the York University student community and the vibrant Jane Finch area.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To elevate awareness of the invaluable contributions of Black Canadians to the nation’s history and heritage.
  • To provide a creative outlet for artists and enthusiasts to express the diverse narratives of Canadian Black culture.
  • To curate thought-provoking events that explore the intersection of artistic expression and historical significance.
  • To cultivate mentorship opportunities that empower emerging artists and leaders within the Black community.

Activities and Programs:

  • Curate insightful conferences that unite scholars, artists, and community members in discussions about the multifaceted aspects of Canadian Black history.
  • Host engaging social events featuring captivating art exhibitions, live performances, and interactive workshops.
  • Facilitate mentorship programs connecting experienced artists from “Just BGRAPHIC” with aspiring students eager to hone their artistic talents and deepen their historical understanding.

Benefits for Members:

  • Platform to showcase and amplify artistic talents and contributions.
  • Inclusive community that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for art and history.
  • Opportunity for personal and leadership growth through active involvement in event planning and coordination.
  • Enriched understanding of Canadian Black history and its pivotal role in shaping society.

Inclusivity and Diversity: BGRAPHIC is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity. We champion an environment where individuals of all backgrounds are welcomed, enabling constructive dialogues and showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Canadian Black experiences.

Collaborations and Partnerships: BGRAPHIC seeks meaningful collaborations with academic departments, cultural organizations, and local community groups to amplify the reach and impact of its initiatives, forging connections both within the university and the broader Jane Finch community.

Impact and Contribution: Through its dedication to the arts and history, BGRAPHIC strives to enrich perspectives and promote inclusivity in the understanding of Canadian heritage. By hosting events and programs, BGRAPHIC envisions an engaged and enlightened community that appreciates the intricate interplay of art and historical narrative.

Long-Term Vision: BGRAPHIC’s vision is to establish a lasting legacy that resonates through generations. By fostering artistic and historical exploration, BGRAPHIC seeks to inspire a legacy of understanding, creativity, and celebration within the student community and beyond.

Call to Action: Join us on our artistic and historical journey at BGRAPHIC! Become a part of our vibrant community, contribute your artistic voice, and play a role in elevating Canadian Black history through the arts. Attend our captivating events, share your creativity, and connect with fellow students who value the fusion of art and heritage.



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