Before We Dance! Let’s Prepare For An Unforgettable Dance Revolt

Before We Dance! Let’s Prepare For An Unforgettable Dance Revolt

Dance Revolt isn't just about dance; it's a movement, a celebration of cultures, and an expression of pure joy. So, gear up, prepare to dance like nobody's watching, and get ready for a dance revolution that you won't forget.

Dance Revolt is on the horizon, and whether you’re an educator or a student, it’s time to gear up for an exciting journey into the world of dance. At Dance Revolt, we believe in the power of movement, expression, and embracing different cultures. To prepare, here are some insights and tips for both educators and students to maximize the experience and make it unforgettable.

For Educators: The Dance Revolution Starts with You

  1. Know Your Instructors: First things first, familiarize yourself with the incredible instructors who will lead the way. Explore their backgrounds, styles, and influences. This helps you better guide your students and foster a deeper understanding of the art form.
  2. Cultural Bridge Builders: Emphasize to your students the potential of dance as a bridge between cultures. Encourage them to appreciate the diversity of styles and the stories each dance form can tell. Start a conversation on how dance can bring people from different backgrounds together, and why it’s important.
  3. The Continuous Learning Journey: Dance isn’t just a series of steps; it’s a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth. Share your own experiences of how dance has been a continuous learning process. This will inspire your students to embrace the concept of dance as a lifelong pursuit.
  4. Just Have Fun: While you guide your students through this journey, remember that the essence of dance is enjoyment. Encourage your students to have fun, make friends, and be in the moment. After all, memorable dance moments often happen when you’re simply letting loose and enjoying the rhythm.
  5. TikToks Welcome (After Class): We love the enthusiasm, and we know how much you all enjoy those post-class TikToks. Go ahead, but remember: class time is for learning and honing your skills. So, dance your heart out during the class, then feel free to capture and share your amazing moments afterward.

For Students: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow!

  1. Get to Know Your Instructors: Who’s your favorite Dance Revolt instructor, and what about their style inspires you the most? Share your thoughts.
  2. Dance as a Cultural Bridge: How do you think the different dance styles at Dance Revolt can help you express your unique identity? Discuss your observations.
  3. Continuous Learning: Share a dance style or cultural tradition you’ve discovered at Dance Revolt that you’d like to explore further. What piqued your interest?
  4. Unleash Your Inner Dancer: What’s your most memorable “aha” moment during a Dance Revolt class where you felt you truly improved or learned something new? Tell us about it.
  5. The Dance Journey: How can you use the principles of continuous learning in dance to motivate yourself in other aspects of life? Share your insights.
  6. Make Friends, Make Memories: Have you made any new friends during your Dance Revolt experience? What’s one fun memory you’ve created together? Spill the beans!
  7. Share the Dance Love: After class, how do you plan to share your dance enthusiasm with the world? Any exciting TikTok dance challenges you want to take on? Let’s hear your post-class dance plans!

Here are the discussion topics along with the specific sections of the Ontario Dance Curriculum that they connect to:

Cultural Significance of Dance Forms

  • Discussion Question: How do different dance forms, such as Hip Hop and Dancehall, reflect the cultural identities from which they originated?
  • Curriculum Connection: This topic aligns with the “Understanding Dance in Context” strand of the Ontario Dance Curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating the cultural significance of various dance styles.

Evolution of Dance Styles

  • Discussion Question: How has the history and evolution of dance styles like Hip Hop and Dancehall been shaped by social, political, and cultural factors over time?
  • Curriculum Connection: This discussion relates to the curriculum’s emphasis on “Understanding Dance in Context,” as it encourages students to delve into the historical context of dance and its evolution.

Dance as a Means of Self-Expression

  • Discussion Question: In what ways does dance empower individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and identities, and how does this align with the curriculum’s focus on creative expression?
  • Curriculum Connection: This topic highlights the “Creative Expression and Creation” strand of the curriculum, which emphasizes the role of dance in promoting creative expression and individuality.

Cross-Cultural Fusion in Dance

  1. Discussion Question: How can dancers incorporate elements from different cultural dance forms into their choreography while respecting and preserving the authenticity of those forms?
  2. Curriculum Connection: Encouraging cross-cultural exploration aligns with the curriculum’s expectation of “Exploring Dance Forms and Styles,” which includes understanding the cultural roots of various dance forms.

Dance Education and Career Pathways

  • Discussion Question: What opportunities exist for students interested in pursuing a career in dance, and how can dance education support their aspirations?
  • Curriculum Connection: This topic touches on the “Dance as a Profession” strand of the curriculum, which covers the practical aspects of dance education and potential career pathways.

The Role of Dance in Building Community

  • Discussion Question: How does participation in dance activities and events, such as conferences like “Dance Revolt,” contribute to the sense of belonging and community among dancers?
  • Curriculum Connection: This discussion relates to the curriculum’s focus on “Dance in Society,” emphasizing the social aspects of dance education and community engagement through dance.
  • These discussion topics not only provide valuable insights into the world of dance but also align with specific strands and expectations outlined in the Ontario Dance Curriculum, enhancing the educational value of the Dance Revolt conference.



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