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Revolutionize arts education in Canadian communities and schools.


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    All of our programs and conferences are designed to achieve the mandates and objectives as described in the Ontario Ministry of Educations SHSM (Specialist High School Major) Policy and Implementation Guide – Arts and Culture.

    Meet our instructors

    Our instructors create a space where stigmas surrounding race, gender or sexual orientation are replaced with unity through artistic expression among vocalists, dancers, musicians and art enthusiasts. Each of our instructors give youth the accessibility to freely explore the many facets of their creativity allowing them to be themselves. Hence our slogan – “Be You. BGRAPHIC”. All of our instructors are carefully selected from a multi-teired interview process and are pre-screened before working with us.  Each instructor that works with us has their police checks, first aid training, inclusive and equity training, workspace safety and how to work with youth. 


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